About Ordinary People

Welcome to "Ordinary People with Extraordinary Lives," a podcast that brings the stories of everyday individuals, united by their faith in Jesus Christ, into the spotlight. Founded by Arlenys Buckelew on May 16, 2020, our platform has become a haven for those who seek to share and listen to real-life experiences of faith, resilience, and transformation.

From the very beginning, our mission has been clear: to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We achieve this by providing a space where believers and followers can openly share their journeys. Through intimate, thoughtful interviews conducted by Arlenys, we explore the diverse paths walked by our guests, highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary.

At "Ordinary People with Extraordinary Lives," we believe in the power of storytelling. Our guests come from all walks of life, each bringing a unique, inspiring, and relatable narrative. These stories are not just about the challenges faced but about triumph, faith, and the unyielding grace of God. Through these narratives, we aim to encourage our listeners, foster a community of believers, and offer a testament to the working of God in the everyday.

Our podcast is more than just a series of interviews; it's a mission field, a place of testimony, and a celebration of the gospel. We invite you to join us – listen, be inspired, and perhaps see a reflection of your story in the lives of our guests. We are all part of something greater, united in our faith and the extraordinary stories we live each day in Christ.

Thank you for being here, listening, and supporting our mission to spread the gospel one story at a time.

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